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Whether you are a frequent or a novice traveller, preparing for a trip can be exhausting, time-consuming and an anxiety trigger for a lot of us. Did I pack the right clothes? How will I communicate? Will I have time to exercise? We’ve compiled 10 mobile apps to help solve your travel problems, make your...
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travel policy infographic
Here’s an infographic on Travel Policy Best Practices that summarizes some of the key considerations when building an effective travel policy. Click here to download the travel policy info-graphic. More Information on Travel Policy Best Practices? Contact us. We are happy to help! For more helpful resources, info-graphics and whitepapers – please visit the ‘Resources’...
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Travel Policy
Writing a travel policy isn’t necessarily easy or “black and white”. There can be many grey areas like cancelled flights, upgraded cars and hotel rooms, limos and extravagant meals.  This may leave you wondering if creating a travel policy is worth the effort! It’s actually the grey areas that are the very reason to create...
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person running
Your travel routine can definitely affect your health. We understand that it’s easy to fall into the trap of high calorie meals, little exercise and expenses due to unforeseen medical issues.  If travel is a key component of your job or personal life – check out these 7 tips to help you stay healthy on the road....
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ultimate escapes for your winter vacation
Is it time for a Winter Vacation? Is it time to escape winter, cold temperatures, ice and snow. Time for a much needed vacation with warm temperatures, ocean breezes, a beautiful beach and a real luxury travel experience? Here’s one of our top choices for your next winter vacation- The Ultimate Escapes Collection. This luxury travel portfolio...
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Travel secret? Get the service that you are paying for… The secret is- those who book directly with the supplier are paying for something they are not getting- the services of a professional travel consultant. You are going to pay an agent fee or commission when you book directly because it is always built into...
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Travel Insurance. Enjoy peace of mind during your trip… Your Government Health Insurance Plan May Not Cover All of Your Emergency Medical Expenses Government health insurance plans may not cover all emergency medical expenses once you leave your home province/territory. They typically cover only a limited portion once you leave the country. In fact, the...
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New passports for Canadians feature computer chips and historical watermarks to help prevent fraud. Canada’s passports have been updated to include chip technology and watermark images designed to prevent fraud, but they are also going to cost a lot more. The new passports will be renewable for either five- or 10-year periods, but they’ll come...
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Passports for children have new requirements designed to enhance security. Applications for passports for children require a detailed proof of parentage document that demonstrates the child-parent relationship. The goal is to standardize applications for all Canadian families. It can be either a detailed birth certificate issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial vital statistics agency...
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viking river cruise
River Cruises are the ultimate holiday… Where else but on the river can you journey into the heart of the world’s greatest cities and towns, and discover the true nature of the land? Comfortable and convenient, it offers a greater variety of destinations than you could encounter any other way. Spend less time getting there...
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