Getting the Most Out of Concur to Manage Your Travel Policy

We are big advocates for using Concur Travel to help manage your travel program. PLUS Travel Group is a Travel Certified TMC and SAP Concur Partner.

Not only does Concur Travel streamline the booking process and integrate seamlessly with expense reporting, but most importantly, Concur is the vehicle to maintain travel policy compliance so that you can gain better visibility into your travel expenses.

Here are a few ideas and tips you can use:

TripIt integration

Concur owns TripIT, the travel itinerary management app. And, integrating it with Concur can provide additional features such as real-time flight updates and alerts, as well as the ability to track reward points and mileage.

Reduced Booking Time

A recent IDC study confirms that it takes 78% less time to book a business trip in Concur Travel. Of course, time is money. Concur gives your travelers one place to book and manage air, hotel, and car rentals. And, you can use trip templates and trip cloning capabilities to book regular trips in just a few minutes.

Virtual Payment Options

Concur offers the ability to integrate virtual payment options (essentially temporary credit card numbers that can be used for one-time or recurring travel expenses). This can provide added security and help reduce fraud.

Preferred Vendor Support

Preferred airlines, hotels, and car rentals can be noted with icons and messages. The hotel component can be modified to geocode company locations, client sites, and more for hotel searches. Want all your car rentals with National/Enterprise? No problem, your instance of Concur Travel can display National/Enterprise first.

Refining Travel Policy

Concur provides the ability to easily refine and update travel policy. Can a traveller travel in business class? Are there price limitations on the costs of flights? Is there an approval process for your employees when they want to travel on behalf of the company? All of these elements and more can be incorporated and literally, built to your specific needs.

By taking advantage of the various features at your disposal, you can manage your travel expenses more efficiently and effectively.

PLUS Travel Group specializes in the implementation, training, service, and maintenance of the Concur Travel program. If you are interested in learning more tips and tricks to get the most out of Concur, contact us for help!