Say goodbye to the complexities of corporate travel with a well-managed travel program

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient and reliable travel management is essential for companies looking to stay competitive. At Plus Travel Group, we specialize in tailoring travel solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring seamless experiences for travelers while optimizing costs and maximizing value.

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Corporate Travel Management in 2024

The landscape of corporate travel is evolving rapidly, shaped by technological advancements, changing workplace dynamics, and a heightened focus on sustainability.

Since 1978, Plus Travel Group has specialized in reducing the frustrations of travelling while optimizing corporate travel programs to realize true cost savings. A few ways we can help you:

  • Negotiate the best rates with airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies
  • Provide detailed cost reports and analysis
  • Develop and implement sustainable travel policies
  • Promptly contact airlines directly to address cancelled and delayed flights to make new arrangements 

We provide the highest calibre of personalized client care in the industry. Not only do we fight for you if anything goes wrong, we will help you to realize true cost savings without any hidden fees. 

 We’d love to show you how we can assist you to achieve your business travel goals.

Corporate Travel in Today's New World

Plus Travel Group can help! As corporate travel moves forward, there are many changes for travellers. Here’s what you need to know.

No More Long Wait Times

Enjoy premium personalized service with a dedicated Senior Plus Travel Group Corporate Travel Consultant. We work with you to support all bookings whether via our agent or our customized online booking tool.

Real Savings

Secure real savings for your business through our supplier relationships, available discounts, and analysis of spend patterns and travel behaviour. Individual rewards programs for travellers are still maintained with all of our programs.

Travel Policy Compliance

We always ensure compliance with your company’s travel policy and expense guidelines. Are there price limitations on the costs of flights? Is there an approval process for your employees when they want to travel on behalf of the company? We take care of your travel policy!

Mitigate Travel Risk

Risk management for corporate travel has never been more important. Our duty of care services help you control risk and ensure that your business travellers are safe and taken care of when delays, cancellations or emergencies occur.

Dedicated Expert Service

You will be assigned a dedicated Senior Corporate Travel Counsellor (along with a dedicated back-up Counsellor) that will act as your personal travel assistant and provide support on all bookings. We deal with airlines directly so you don’t have to!

Online Booking Tool

Concur is the leading provider of Corporate Travel booking engines and our choice as a premium corporate booking tool option. It is an end-to-end travel and expense solution with integrated air, hotel, and car rental content. Maintain your travel policy and manage your carbon footprint inside!

In-Depth Insights & Actionable Reporting

Actionable management report and data analysis is a critical component of an effective corporate travel program. Our expert Account Managers will find the opportunities hidden in your data. We provide detailed reports of true cost savings realized from your Plus Travel Group corporate travel program.

Learn More About Our Corporate Travel Management Services

At Plus Travel Group, we pride ourselves on providing prompt and efficient service. We hold our experienced dedicated travel consultants to world class service standards, and allocate resources based on meeting these and other key performance indicators.

You will be assigned a Dedicated Senior Corporate Travel Counsellor (along with a dedicated back-up Counsellor) that will act as your personal travel assistant and support on all bookings. Our senior consultants will take care of every aspect of the travel reservation process including
itinerary & air fare research, travel policy compliance, quality control, reservations, & ticketing, etc. Employees will communicate their travel needs via direct line and/or e-mail to your dedicated consultants who will, in turn, provide the services.  All of our agents have a minimum experience of 10 years in the industry and they are all certified by TICO (the Travel Industry Council of Ontario). Concierge/VIP services are also available for our clients.

Plus Travel Group also provides 24-hour travel assistance. Agents are located across various time zones, ensuring best coverage. Our service providers understand the North American marketplace and are available after hours and also provide road side assistance if needed.

Concur is the leading provider of Corporate Travel booking engines and our choice as the best online booking tool option. It is an
end-to-end travel and expense solution with integrated air, hotel, and car rental content. It counts more than 300 of the Fortune 500 as clients.

As a Travel Certified TMC and SAP Concur Partner; Plus Travel Group specializes in the implementation, training, service and maintenance of the travel program.  Our in-house Concur Experts are here to provide a personalized Concur experience.

While the industry average online adoption rate is 50%, the Plus Travel Group client average trends over 75%. Our account management team
and technology specialists are fully versed in Concur and successfully support small to large clients with 85%+ adoption. We have achieved significant and
above average adoption due to our program support and the positive reviews of Concur itself.

Reservation Processing and Quality Control – CQM (Complete Quality Manager) is your ultimate quality assurance on each and every
reservation. This guarantees each reservation (agent and online) must be 100% accurate with the information on your travellers’ profiles and also fully compliant with your corporate policy.

To ensure your travelers have a seamless experience while in transit, they will receive timely email alerts when flights are delayed, cancelled or a when a gate change has occurred. Travellers will also receive an email notification the minute they are eligible to check-in; and travellers will be able to have their calendars synced with our e-itinerary which includes useful links such as:

  • Driving directions to hotels
  • Fare rules
  • Baggage allowance
  • Minimum check-in times
  • Mobile version for smartphones


Our reporting and data delivery is constructed around:

  • Pre-trip (i.e., for cost avoidance), 
  • During-trip (security and traveler tracking) and 
  • Post-trip (policy exceptions, spend analysis) reporting.  

This empowers you to better manage your travel budgets by monitoring policy and contracts, reconciling travel spend and analyzing results.  Access to this system is controlled by encryption and limited, refreshed password protection.  Delivery is via email or company log-in.

Choose from over 800 custom management report templates to ensure you’re getting the data you need to help you manage your travel program!  Plus Travel Group will provide you with any report, any detail at any time.  Reports can be auto delivered on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis as required, all at no cost to you.

Plus Travel Group’s Account Managers are trained to recognize the trends and opportunities that lie within your data. They will provide you with actionable insights on a regular basis to ensure your travel program is running at an optimal level.  A customized reporting package will be delivered monthly along with any areas of opportunity that your Account Manager has identified. It is the role and responsibility of the Account Manager to strategically manage the relationship. They will function as a single point of accountability, responsible for driving forward account development, both on a strategic and granular level.  During the implementation period, your Account Manager will work with you to craft a program that includes continuous improvement, a communication plan, and agreed upon expectations.

Your Account Manager will execute and handle supplier negotiations on your behalf, to secure exclusive discounts for your company.  

Plus Travel Group’s Account Management also provides an Executive Sponsor.  A Senior Executive Sponsor provides leadership, program input, ultimate accountability and executive representation, ensuring rapid response and direct communication.  Your Account Manager will always serve as your single point of contact for your program and will report to the Senior Executive Sponsor regarding all aspects of the program.

Over the last 5 years and beyond, this structure has been proven with 95%+ client retention and insightful client account reviews.

A managed travel program isn’t just about cost management; it’s also about your organization providing the required duty of care for your
travelling employees. Managed travel programs can help you keep track of where your employees are, while staying on top of emerging risks.

Through policy enforcement, advice, alerts and monitoring, we help ensure safer, more secure travel for your employees. Our E-travel
tracker technology is designed for compliance with duty of care responsibility and liability protection, such as:

•Ability to easily locate and contact travelers at risk
•Dashboard provides travel, security and other management tools with a single
snapshot of alerts that displays at risk employees
•Includes contact information for travellers affected by a specific alert

During a natural disaster or crisis beyond our control, we assign a single point of contact and be accessible 24/7 to assist with activities such as confirming traveller lists, calling travellers to confirm safety or accommodate flight changes, when required, and/or oversee the operations team to ensure the situation is handled appropriately.

Duty of care also revolves around ensuring your travellers are prepared and know what to expect when travelling abroad. Our E-Travel Advisories provide information on 30 categories travellers need to know before they travel, for example:


•Entry Requirements (Visa, Passport)
•Travel Alerts (Protests, Natural Disasters, Strikes, etc.)
•Health &Medical Requirements
•Embassy/Consulate Contact Info
•Local Laws, Customs
•How To Call Canada
•Climate Information
•Public Holidays
•Driving Regulations
•Business/Banking Hours
•Local Cuisine

Plus Travel Group is uniquely positioned to offer the clout of a global network aligned with a local agency of travel management specialists — all working for you to provide the best travel alternatives, the optimum in cost-containment, and the highest caliber of service.

Listed below are a number of extra services that Plus Travel Group can provide to assist with groups:

  • Convenience – Travellers can choose from flexible e-mail or telephone service options through our Group Desk.
  • Policy control – Bookings can be fully compliant with travel policy, preferred supplier agreements (if applicable) and specific guidelines for each meeting.
  • Travel Savings – we can apply lowest public rates, convention rates or group block rates can be leveraged to the extent possible to secure airfares at the lowest possible cost.
  • Booking updates – Plus Travel Group can provide frequent updates on booking and payments, particularly for “extra” travellers (e.g., guest speakers, companions).
  • “On call” – Throughout the actual group movement, your group specialist will be “on call” to assist with any last minute travel issues.
  • Meet and Greet – We can arrange to meet important guest and VIPs at Toronto airports.

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