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Time To Travel It’s time to travel. As Canada and other countries start to ease travel restrictions, business travellers are starting to hit the road again. It is a new world out there with new issues and uncertainty about travel safety. In other words, the travel experience is different. Travellers and employers need confidence and...
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Business travel has always had its risks and rewards. The rewards can include landing a new customer; renewing a big contract with an existing customer; attending an important conference, etc. The risks of travel have typically included weather delays, natural disasters, and terrorism. But moving forward, business travel comes with new travel risks. More specifically,...
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Business Travel in a COVID-19 World is different. Nothing seems normal in a pandemic and travel is no exception. As the economy reopens and we all move forward, it’s time to travel again. Business needs to travel for a variety of reasons including company growth, customer visits, internal company meetings, etc. I flew with Air...
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5 reasons you need a travel agent
In the fast-moving complicated world of travel, there at least 5 reasons why you need a travel agent. A good agent is vital for the expertise that they bring to help travellers of all budgets.    Tech-savvy travellers appreciate the support and service of travel agents, and so does every major corporation. It just makes sense....
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Duty of Care
Unfortunately, due to events such as terror attacks, natural disasters, and virus outbreaks, etc. it’s more important than ever to ensure your company has a duty of care procedures in place for travelling employees.  To begin managing travel-related risks, employers need to create a travel risk plan. This structured analysis will help to identify where...
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Hotel vs Airbnb
Believe it or not, Airbnb has been around for over 10 years. It was started to allow homeowners and tenants to make extra money by renting a room or a whole apartment when they were away. It still fits well with some types of leisure travel like renting a cottage or a large city apartment...
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Canadian Travel Company
In recent years, a movement has begun. It’s a movement that takes consumers away from large, impersonal companies and introduces them to the people doing business in their very own cities. PLUS Travel Group is 100% Canadian owned and operated. They are very proud to be one of the only fully Canadian Travel Management Companies...
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Road Warrirors
Cost savings has long been the focus of many corporate travel policies.  The only reason businesses spend money on travel is because they expect positive outcomes from those trips. Travel programs should be designed to maximize those outcomes rather than to minimize travel costs. Senior management should prioritize trip success rates as well as road...
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If traveling for business or pleasure this holiday season, consider making room in your carry-on bag for antibacterial wipes.  A team of investigators were sent out on 18 Canadian flights scheduled at various times of the day.  They swabbed multiple surfaces from tray tables, to bathroom door handles, seat pockets – collecting over 100 samples....
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airline seats
Airline seats are shrinking and are being squeezed closer together. Airlines are packing more of us into the same plane. So what’s the solution? Get the best seat! Here are just a few tips to help maximize your comfort when flying economy: Airline Seats – Do your research If you’re making your own seat selection,...
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