Onboard the luxurious Air Canada Jetz aircraft
Let the group travel experts at Plus Travel Group make your next group trip easy! We'll handle all the logistics and details, and save you time and money...
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man and woman in airport going on a business trip. They are both waring red pants and khaki coats and carry their luggage. 10 Tips To Help You Reduce Costs And Increase Efficiency.
10 tips to reduce travel costs and increase efficiency. Are you ready to restart your travel program in 2022? Included in this blog post, you will find 10 tips to reduce travel costs. If you have traveling employees, it’s more important than ever to ensure your travel program is up to date. And it needs...
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a woman waiting to travel at the airport
Time To Travel It’s time to travel. As Canada and other countries start to ease travel restrictions, business travellers are starting to hit the road again. It is a new world out there with new issues and uncertainty about travel safety. In other words, the travel experience is different. Travellers and employers need confidence and...
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Young elegant woman with hand luggage walking along sidewalk outdoors in urban city,business trip,corporate travel management.
Business travel has always had its risks and rewards. The rewards can include landing a new customer; renewing a big contract with an existing customer; attending an important conference, etc. The risks of travel have typically included weather delays, natural disasters, and terrorism. But moving forward, business travel comes with new travel risks. More specifically,...
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boarding the Air Canada Jetz aircraft
We were invited for an airport tour of the Air Canada Jetz charter aircraft and a closer look at Air Canada Vacations’ Jetz Experience. Here are some thoughts from our very own Darlene Wipp: 1. What was your first impression of Air Canada Jetz? I loved the transformation of the Airbus A319 to 58 Business...
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Business Travel in a COVID-19 World is different. Nothing seems normal in a pandemic and travel is no exception. As the economy reopens and we all move forward, it’s time to travel again. Business needs to travel for a variety of reasons including company growth, customer visits, internal company meetings, etc. I flew with Air...
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CEO's trip to lake louise
Our CEO, Jeff Verman, is back after his trip to Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Here is Jeff’s breakdown of Traveling during these strange times. ⠀ AIRPORTS + FLYING (Calgary + Toronto): 1) You MUST wear a mask 2) Airport was fairly empty 3) Some eating places are closed, while others have lineups – social distancing...
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5 reasons you need a travel agent
In the fast-moving complicated world of travel, there at least 5 reasons why you need a travel agent. A good agent is vital for the expertise that they bring to help travellers of all budgets.    Tech-savvy travellers appreciate the support and service of travel agents, and so does every major corporation. It just makes sense....
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2020 Travel Resolutions Every Traveler Needs
Does anyone else feel like 2019 just flew by?! Not only are we into mid-January already but it’s also the start of a new decade! Before you lock in your new year’s resolutions – check out these 7 travel resolutions every traveler needs! You don’t need to take on all of them – just pick...
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2020 travel trends
As we get close to entering a new decade, travel as we know it continues to evolve. 2020 will be a year exploration with travelers looking to connect with the people and places they visit. Technology is also impacting travel decisions like never before and it’s even created a new category of travel called Insta...
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