Mark Crone
cancelled flights
As you probably know, there are few things in life as frustrating as flight delays and cancellations. Pent-up travel demand has challenged the operations of both our airports and airlines alike for all travellers whether leisure or corporate. This doesn’t mean that you need to stay home or handle all of your business remotely –...
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travel management in Canada
What does travel management in 2023 look like? The travel landscape is different and will continue to be that way. But truth be told, travel management doesn’t look much different than it did before. It remains as important as it ever was for most companies and organizations.
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airplane in the sky
Toronto Pearson International Airport recently announced a new platform, YYZ Express, for speeding up security lines and minimizing wait times. And now Edmonton has also launched a platform of its own.
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Alsace Winery in Europe
If you are planning on a visit to Europe in 2023, now is the time to book!
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plane flying over a city
The new realities of business travel require the right tools and technology for today plus a solid strategy for the future needs of your business and your travelers.
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New York City
Are you managing travel for multiple company executives to your Western Canada offices?Do you need to arrange a last-minute suite for the Hauptstadtmesse Berlin?Or do you require a business class seat to Dubai with an airport chauffeur to the financial core?Whether you are a private bank, an insurance company, an asset manager, or an investment fund,...
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woman walking through airport
Learn fresh and practical business travel strategies to adapt to changing directions. Get expert travel management advice and industry-leading technology.
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airplane flying
Business travelers want to be safe, happy, and productive; and you want to give them the tools and technology to ensure their trips turn out that way. Business travelers are ready to get going again, but it’s not business as usual for your travel program.
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Young man waiting in the airpirt for his flight
In February, the Government of Canada announced a series of adjustments to the current border measures, representing the beginning of a phased easing of travel restrictions. As of February 28, 2022, some of the adjustments include changes to: Pre-entry testing Unless otherwise exempt, all travellers 5 years of age or older, whether entering by air, land,...
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