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The Shift from Travel Management to Traveller Management

For many organizations and programs, this is the time for travel program renewal and to shift from travel management to traveller management. The relationship between travel managers and travellers needs to be rethought. And, of course, travel program renewal needs to be handled with flexibility.

Travellers, businesses, and clients want to get moving fast (if they are ready). And they expect their travel program to be up to date as travel restrictions ease. To get them moving, you’ll have to meet their needs for safety, security, and the desire to travel again.

Gain insight into the current travel reality

If you haven’t been to an airport for some time, it’s important to understand that travel is different. Travel is increasing by the day, for example, but there are fewer flights. You and your travellers need to understand that inventory and options have changed, at least for now. Hotel inventory and car rentals are in short supply too. And that can have a significant impact on individual travel plans as well as your overall travel program. Travel experts can help you to navigate shifting capacity and schedules as well as address any safety and travel concerns.

Get everyone on board

All stakeholders need to be on board so that your renewed travel program can do what it needs to do. We can help with internal alignment, and help bring various departments and divisions together to reactivate your travel program. A good TMC can provide insight and expertise that spans every type of travel program you can imagine. They can provide guidance on how to build and strengthen those connections, and ensure buy-in from senior executives.

Realize efficient service to work with automation

Although self-serve automation is great and convenient, travellers still need answers to questions. They are looking for reassurance on safety and health requirements for destinations, airports, hotels, car rentals, and more. And they need a number to call to get the insight that will set their minds at ease. Dedicated agent service and 24/7 traveller support make it easier for managers and business travelers to stay in touch and uphold their duty of care.

Make use of your unused tickets

It’s always been important to track unused tickets, but now it’s even more critical. Airline change fees have changed and travel is simply more unpredictable. As a result, organizations are likely to have more unused tickets to manage. Talk to your TMC about a plan for tracking and managing these balances. They should have a proper system and process in place to use credits.  They’ve been paid and they will expire, so make sure they are put to use.

Have an accurate look at your new travel footprint

A good TMC will help you look at your current and future plans and determine what’s different from before. Changes will impact city pairs, market share commitments, the number of overnights, the volume of connecting flights, etc. Travel activity will affect your budget, supplier choices, and negotiations.

Obtain advice on how to adapt your processes and policies

It wasn’t easy to manage travel before the pandemic. Now, it’s even harder. TMCs, however, can guide you through every aspect of what will become your new travel program.

  • Without last year’s numbers, you’ll learn new ways to budget and project costs for future travel
  • Communication tools are more important than ever to build trust between you and your travelers.
  • You’ll find out how to address safety and control as travelers are booking their trips.
  • Your travel approval process will need to be adjusted. In addition to cost, you’re managing the entire trip including travelers’ preferences and safety.


If it feels like everything is less than perfect, here’s the good news. A good TMCs’ commitment to their customers and travelers will not change. A good TMC, like Plus Travel Group, will deliver on that commitment and will continue to evolve. We can be the glue that keeps your program together. We will help you connect and organize all the new options. And give you insight on the right technology and support to keep your travellers safe, happy, and productive. Contact us to continue the travel discussion.