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Getting The Best Airline Seat When You Travel

Airline seats are shrinking and are being squeezed closer together. Airlines are packing more of us into the same plane. So what’s the solution? Get the best seat!

Here are just a few tips to help maximize your comfort when flying economy:

Airline Seats – Do your research

If you’re making your own seat selection, there are some handy online sites such as Seat Expert and Seat Guru  which provide seat maps of specific aircraft and advice on the pros and cons of where to sit on each plane.

Airline Seats – The Wing

A seat close to the wing can help to minimise the effect of wind turbulence. Just in front of the wing, towards the front of the plane is the ideal location. You’ll exit sooner and have shorter lines through passport control and immigration. Seats towards the back of the plane, especially the last four rows can have less elbow room as the fuselage narrows.

Airlines Seats – Exit Row 

Although exit row seats can offer more leg room, they have restrictions on where you can store luggage and the seats may not recline. Also the bulge of the aircraft door may affect leg room in the window seat.  If you sit in front of the exit row, you can benefit from having the extra space behind you.

Airline Seats – Bulk-Head 

These seats are directly behind cabin divisions in the plane with no seats in front of you. You won’t have problems with over-zealous recliners and can often benefit from extra legroom. They are however often reserved for frequent flyers or for a nominal fee.

Airline Seats – Window 

Window seats are great when there is a view but not all actually have a window. These seats can be a big advantage for sleeping but can also get pretty cramped if the seat beside is taken.

Airline Seats – The Middle 

No matter where you position yourself, the empty middle seat is always an added bonus. When selecting your seat, look for a row option where the aisle or window seat is already taken and then choose the opposite side. Unless the flight is completely full, the spare middle seat could well stay empty.

Although travellers are happier to sacrifice some space for lower fares and flight availability on short haul flights, seat comfort remains a key driver when in the air for six hours or more – and is still the biggest cause for complaint of travellers.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about any of the above, when you book through Plus Travel Group. Our clients benefit from the expert knowledge of our travel consultants to advise the best seats on each flight to match your personal traveller profile. And we’ll book your seats for you.


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