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High-Tech Hotel Trends

Technological advances moving at record speed are not only elevating expectations of the travel industry’s patrons but also those of the hospitality industry.


With the rise of AI and voice-activated devices, hotels are moving into a hospitality era which offers its guests more luxury and convenience than ever before.


Hotels such as the Yotel in New York City, a capsule style property, boasting electronic check-in terminals and an aptly named ‘Yobot the robot’ to take care of your luggage. Additionally, space-saving motorized beds and motion-activated air conditioning make for an even more convenient stay.


Similarly, the quintessentially British Eccleston Square Pimlico, in London, England, combines history and cutting-edge technology. While boasting a striking 19th Century historical facade, the interior is replete with keypads that control the music and lighting, shower walls with an instant frosting option, flat-screen televisions embedded in bathroom mirrors and iPads that provide concierge service from the comfort of your room.


In-room conveniences aren’t the only place where you can find state of the art technology. Hotel amenities such as the gym & entertainment are also seeing the tech trend. Guests at The Marriott City Center, Charlotte, can take part in hundreds of virtual fitness classes presented on large wall-mounted screens.


San Francisco’s Hotel Zeta is a gadget-lover’s dream complete with a games console-filled playroom, a tech-filled antique telephone booth from which you can tweet, Snapchat or blog. However, the pièce de résistance for technology enthusiasts is the lobby’s virtual reality room.


Hotels with these kinds of technological advances are sure to provide the tech-savvy traveler the power to save time, enjoy modern conveniences, and make his/her travel easier and more rewarding.

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