Could Your Company Benefit from A Managed Travel Program?

A managed travel program saves time and money. Could your company benefit? Business travel plays a major role in the functionality of your company as well as the lives of your employees. If you are not working with a corporate travel management company (TMC), you may be missing out on valuable resources, services, and savings.

Here are 4 Signs That You Could Benefit from A Managed Travel Program:

  • You lack the human resources. Travel management often falls on someone with no training or experience in corporate travel. Company time and money is wasted when that person isn’t doing their job (but rather is comparing booking sites, airfares and assembling itineraries). A travel management company knows where to find savings.
  • You have little or no travel management industry knowledge. Do you know the most effective practices and/or best practices for corporate travel policies? How about knowing when and what to negotiate with travel suppliers? If not, you are definitely missing out on opportunities and cost savings.
  • Travel reporting is almost non-existent. Chances are that your travel expense number is really more of an educated guess. Accurate travel reports allow you to better manage your travel budgets by monitoring policy and contracts, reconcile travel spend and analyze results. A TMC can help.
  • You don’t have an emergency plan for travelers. And what happens if your employees face an emergency when traveling? Do you have a plan? Every organization must provide duty of care for travelling employees. Managed travel programs help you keep track of where your employees are and stay on top of emerging risks.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you could certainly benefit from a managed travel program. Let the corporate travel experts handle the details while you focus on your company’s growth and success. Plus Travel Group has 40 years of corporate travel experience. Learn more about our advanced travel technology, corporate services and what else makes us different. Contact us to review your travel situation.


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