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Travel Tech Your Travellers Will Love!

Our Travel Tech can help reduce the stress of travel.  Will your flight leave on time? Is there a gate change? There’s already enough to worry about when you travel. We can help!

Travel Tech – Flight Tracker:

Flight Tracker (FlightStats) collects real-time flight information from various sources (airlines, airports, reservation systems, etc.) and integrates the data into our systems to compare against traveler itineraries. Flight delays, cancellations, departure and arrival notifications are sent via email and/or text directly to travelers.

Travel Tech – Trip Start:

Trip Start is a 2-part program to help you manage your journey through devices and software you currently rely on for your everyday planning.

The Calendar tool copies dates from your itinerary directly into your electronic calendar (Outlook, Windows, ICS).

The Check-In Email will send you a reminder to check in the MINUTE you are eligible to check-in. And you can change your seat and/or purchase lower airfares without seat assignments knowing that you will be informed when the seat is available to book.

Traveler Benefits

  • Risk reduction – Proactive re-accommodation gets travelers to their destination on time.
  • Stress reduction – Relevant alerts and customized messages are sent to travelers.
  • A smoother trip – The traveler is always aware of trip status with real-time status updates, flight and airport information.

Organizational Benefits

  • Lower travel costs – Better recovery from delays and cancellations, reduction in change fees, and fewer extra hotel stays.
  • Better service – your company provides a higher level of service to your travelers.
  • Duty of Care – Easier tracking of all global travelers through a comprehensive web-based display.

FlightStats notifications provide the most up-to-date flight information available today and tracks virtually every scheduled flight around the world in real-time.

Flight Tracker and Trip Start are included with every trip booked with Plus Travel Group. Contact us for more information on travel tech and our travel program.

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