Best Travel Destinations

Best Travel Destinations For The Canadian Dollar

After the holidays come to an end, there isn’t much to look forward to until spring. That is unless you know the best places to go to treat yourself to a midwinter escape! But where are the best places to go with the Canadian dollar steadily declining in comparison to the American dollar?

Not to worry, there are still many countries where the Canadian dollar is doing comparatively well and where exchange rates are favorable! Not only will travelling to these countries be a little lighter on your wallet but they’re also unique bucket list destinations in their own right!


Breathtaking Amazon jungle, cryptic archaeological ruins, cobbled colonial communities lie store for you when visiting Colombia!

Be sure to check out Cartagena while there – dubbed the queen of the Caribbean coast. It’s a maze of cobbled alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea (thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves) and huge churches.

The cost of travelling to Colombia remains low for Canadian travellers and you can expect a reasonable cost for food and beer.

Cartagena, Colombia


Argentina has distinct and beautiful geography, interesting history and culture, thriving nightlight and unique cuisine.  It’s no wonder it attracts thousands of visitors every year.  Take a wine tour at one of the many wineries and visit the breathtaking Iguazu Falls. Partake in one of the many festivals held throughout the year or visit Salta for a wealth of experiences!

The quality you get for your money in Argentina is fantastic and you’ll pay reasonable prices for pretty much all the food and drink.

Igazu Falls, Agentina


Stunning architecture, vital folk art, thermal spas and Europe’s most exciting capital after dark are Hungary’s major draws.

Hungary is one of the European countries that have yet to adopt the Euro, making it less pricy than many of its neighbors. If you’re into baroque architecture, hip cafes and a country full of rich history at a fraction of the cost of other European destinations – Hungary is for you!

Buda Castle, Hungary


India is a country filled with delicious foods (especially if you’re a vegan or vegetarian), spiritual adventures and yoga retreats! If you enjoy immersive cultural experiences and a vast range of landscapes, it’s the place for you.

You’ll find affordable meal and cross-country sleeper trains options throughout. Did we mention the spectacular Taj Mahal?!

Taj Mahal, India


Looking for a safari adventure? Tanzania is home to a volcanic caldera (Ngorongoro Crater) that almost every species of wildlife call home and Serengeti National Park is known for the annual wildebeest migration.

The Tanzanian shilling hasn’t been doing too well but the good news is that this creates great value for Canadians travelling there.

Take a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, lounge aboard a catamaran in Zanzibar or take in some snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the archipelago off the coast of Tanzania – there’s truly something for everyone!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

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