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5 Essential Travel Apps for Business Travelers

Travel app development continues and shows no sign of stopping…nor should it!
Here’s 5 essential apps to help with some challenges that come along with travelling:

Protection against theft

Digital security should be a concern for everyone (whether travelling overseas or just across town). Prey is a free security system that works with your PC, tablet and mobile phone. Similar to “Find My iPhone”, you can locate your device using GPS but you can also watch what is happening on screen and remotely lock your device to prevent theft of sensitive data. You can even be your own detective and use your device’s camera to snap a photo of the bad guy (and help in device recovery)!

Airport security updates

Getting through security in a timely manner can be a problem if you are unsure of the latest federal regulations. The Canadian Government has put out the Travel Smart mobile web app, which includes embassy contact info and border wait times.

Flight information and more

Passbook is a resident app built into your iPhone and iPad devices. The app will bring up-to-date flight information to the main screen of your device automatically once you are checked in. One swipe will recall your boarding pass. Passbook also stores account balances and information for movie tickets, retailers, and loyalty cards!

If you’re an Android user, Pass2U will be your new best friend! This app collects all of your passes (eg. Coupons, event tickets, loyalty cards, and boarding passes) all in one place. It also allows you to scan barcodes containing web links or download .pkpass files directly to the Pass2U Wallet.

Avoid texting fees

Staying in touch with clients, employees and family when out-of-country can be costly due to high text messaging fees. WhatsApp uses Wi-Fi to allow users to send text messages and group chats so that costly messaging fees don’t apply, and the app is free to download!

Overcome Language barriers Google Translate is available as a straight Google web feature page for quick translation. With its integration of your device’s camera, you can snap a quick picture and Google will translate on the spot! The app itself is free and features more than 50 languages to choose from. While in your destination, you can even speak English into your phone and have it spit out a translation in the local language!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of travel apps…

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