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Europe Your Way Collection

Planning to travel to Europe in 2018? A vacation in Europe transports you into history, culture and scenery like no other! And each country in Europe is different in so many ways with its own traditions, cuisine, and people. A well planned vacation in Europe represents a journey through two thousand years of civilization and heritage.

The 2017 Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards for favorite cities in Europe underlines the dilemma. The tried and true Paris, Rome and London score high as they always do. But in fact the top 3 favorite cities are Vienna, Florence and Bruges. Other top rated favorite cities include Barcelona, Lucerne, Salzburg, Madrid, Munich, and Budapest among others.

Needless to say, deciding on the right location and way to travel in Europe can be a difficult task. There are so many different options available. We can help with the Europe Your Way Collection from our partner, Air Canada Vacations. Flight, hotel and tour options make it easy to prepare and book your European holidays. You can enjoy the convenience of pre-bundled packages as well as the freedom to customize your vacations exactly as you like it.

Europe Your Way Collection!

There are so many ways to see Europe, the choices and options are almost endless. No matter where you want to go in Europe and what you want to see, we can help!

  • Island Hopping

  • Urban Getaways

  • Guided Tours

  • Fly & Drive Vacations

  • Fly & Rail Vacations

  • French Riviera Escapes

  • Aamalfi Coast Escapes

  • Journey At Sea

  • Seaside Escapes

  • Contiki Guided Trips

  • Family Getaways

  • Guided Rail Tours

  • Trafalgar Guided Vacations

It’s time to travel to Europe!

Let’s plan your European vacation. Whether it’s your very first time or your 10th time, we can help. For more information and expert vacation planning assistance, contact our leisure travel experts.


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