Business traveler waiting in the airport

Is it time to refresh your travel program?

Is it time to refresh your travel program? A lot has happened over the last 2 years with the complexities of the pandemic. As travel ramps up, it’s time to travel again with expert advice and safety first. Travel is unique for every business. Whether you care most about containing costs, booking choices for travelers, and/or making sure travelers have someone to call when plans go sideways. A custom travel program checks all the boxes whatever your needs are.

Plan Ahead

Quite simply, you need proper and complete travel advice. Booking a trip is more complicated than ever. And that is where a travel professional/agent comes into play. They have ready access to advisories and restrictions, entry requirements, insurance, etc. You’ll save time and have peace of mind about your trip. And to ease the airport screening process, download the Canadian Air Transport (CATSA) “breeze through security” mobile app.

Travel Disruptions

With an ever-changing travel landscape, you can expect flight cancellations and last-minute re-bookings to be more commonplace. Airlines are adding flights, canceling flights, and adjusting their schedules to manage the fluctuating demand for travel. Your employees will expect and appreciate priority service for changes to flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Minimize Risk

In today’s COVID world, it’s imperative that your traveling employees have access to the most up-to-date information to ensure their safety. With the duty of care and risk assessment tools, you gain reliable and actionable alerts. Most importantly, travelers and employees are prepared and know what to expect when traveling. Duty of care and risk assessment is more important now than ever before.

Is It Time to Refresh Your Travel Program?

You need full control of your travel program to maximize service and savings. A managed travel program controls costs, lets you know where your travelers are going, and provides support for them in all circumstances. Is it time to refresh your travel program? Let’s talk!