13 packing tips

13 Packing Tips to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

packing cubes travel tip

1. Invest in packing cubes

Packing cubes will keep you organized during your travels by allowing you to:

Pack more efficiently – It’s easy to pack when you know what goes in each cube and how each cube fits in your luggage. Rearrange the cubes and other items until they fit perfectly into your bag, and then stick with your system. You’ll feel less stressed when packing, as you know everything will fit.

Find things easily – Your cubes work like drawers at home. You know what’s in them, so you can take out the relevant cube rather than rummaging around at the bottom of your suitcase.

Save space – You can squeeze a surprising amount of clothes into a cube, so you can pack more. Compression bags are even better as they remove excess air.

Keep clothes clean and dry – Some organizers are water resistant and all offer protection from dirt. They can also be used to protect clothes in dusty hotel drawers.

Prevent overpacking – Limit what you pack by choosing an organizer for each category.

contact info packing tip

2. Put your name and info on the inside of your suitcase

Attach a second baggage tag with your name and information on the inside of your suitcase in case the tag on the outside falls off – this way you’ll still have proof that it’s yours!

make a list packing tip

3. Make a list

Not only will making a list keep you organized when you’re figuring out which outfits go together and trying to remember if you packed all your toiletries. This list is also great if the airline loses your bag and asks you to list what was in it and it could come in handy on your next trip as well.

travel documents

4. “Pack” important documents virtually

Just in case your ID, passport, or kids’ travel consent forms are lost or stolen, keep a locked image of the files on your phone so you can access them without the Internet. You can also place a copy in your cloud, as long as it is password protected so that the information is still accessible in the event that your phone is stolen as well. Just be sure to call the file ‘Cat Pictures’ and not ‘All my important document information’!

fresh clothes packing tip

5. Arrive with fresh clothes

You’ll want to feel (and smell) your best on vacation, so use this simple hack for keeping clothes fresh: slip a dryer sheet in with your clothes to leave a fresh scent.

laundry bag

6. Bring a designated laundry bag

Not just any bag will do, though. Do not use a plastic bag as it will stink after just a few days. Instead, bring a breathable laundry bag that won’t take up much space in your luggage.

mini capsule wardrobe packing tip

7. Create a mini capsule wardrobe

Choose versatile, multipurpose pieces that mix and match and can be dressed up or down, so you don’t need to bring a new pair of shoes for every outfit..

organize by weight

8. Organize by weight

Keep your heaviest items, like shoes and thick sweaters, at the bottom of a duffel or by the wheels on a rolling suitcase to keep them from crushing your more delicate items when you’re transporting your luggage.

roll your clothes packing tip

9. The Best Way to Pack: Roll Some, Fold Some

It’s best to use a combination of both methods when it comes to packing.

For example:

Roll small or delicate items, like shirts or dresses

Flat-pack bulky items, like jeans or sweaters

Using this strategy will save space in your bag, keep clothes wrinkle free, and facilitate stacking!

keep jewelry from tangling

10. Keep jewelry from tangling

Throwing your jewelry in a baggie practically guarantees you’ll arrive with a tangle of chains to unravel when you arrive. Roll into a cloth or cling wrap lengthwise to ensure less time wasted detangling them all later on!

ziptop bag packing tip

11. Rely on zip-top bags

Sandwich baggies are a handy place to stow chargers, while gallon-sized bags can keep socks separated from the rest of your clothes. Have a few extras for shoes or wet things from that last-minute swim.

dirty shoes packing tip

12. Protect your clothes from dirty shoes

If you stick your walking shoes in with your clothes, you might as well trample your clean outfits before heading on vacation. Put shoes into a travel shoe organizer or disposable shower caps to stop them from getting the rest of your clothes dirty

pack layer-able clothing

13. Think in layers

Especially if you’ll be hitting a couple of different weather conditions, planning outfits around layering make it easy to peel off or add items without stuffing your suitcase with bulky sweaters.