CEO's trip to lake louise

Traveling During These Strange Times

Our CEO, Jeff Verman, is back after his trip to Lake Louise, AB CAD. Here is Jeff’s breakdown of what it’s like to travel during these strange and unprecedented times.

AIRPORTS + FLYING (Calgary + Toronto):
1) You MUST wear a mask
2) Airport was fairly empty
3) Some eating places are closed, while others have lineups – social distancing is practiced in these cases
4) Any sit-down restaurants practiced proper safety measures such as plastic screens, masks, hand sanitizer
5) Your temperature is taken at check-in and boarding
6) You will be asked some questions to determine if you are sick or have encountered anyone with Corona symptoms
7) On the plane – seats are spaced out
8) Nothing is served on the plane, instead, you get a bag with a mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, and H2O)

HOTEL (Chateau Lake Louise):
1)Staff wore masks and temperatures are again taken
2) Guests were almost all CAD
3) Occupancy approx. 40%

1)Restaurants are open
2)They space tables
3)Employees wear masks

Overall, Jeff said that he and his family felt safe and that he’d worries more about having to frequent the grocery. As cities start to move into phase 2-3, consider travel within CAD. Contact us for more details. #ITSTIMETOTRAVEL

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